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Submit your grant application for up to $100,000 between June 1 and August 31. Click on the link to download a form, browse around the website to look at past winners and follow us on social media for updates.

2021 Winners

The Rural Communities Foundation was created in 2014 as a way to distribute archived equity funds back into rural communities where UFA has a presence.

The foundation is committed to giving $500,000 over five years to rural Alberta to improve the sustainability of farmers and ranchers in Alberta. Communities are encouraged to apply for projects that enrich education, recreation and culture.


The Drayton Valley & District Historical Society Anglican Church
Floor Restoration Project

Drayton Valley, Alta.
Awarded $10,000

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Drayton Valley - RCF - Anglican Church
The Anglican Church, built in 1937, was moved to the museum in 1997. Grant money will be used to refinish the church floor.
Drayton Valley - map

Bow Valley Riding Association
Perimeter Fence

Canmore, Alta.
Awarded $13,335

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RCF 2021 Winner - Canmore
The Bow Valley Riding Association added perimeter fencing around their facility to ensure young horses and riders feel safe in the busy recreation corridor.

Carmangay Community Center

Carmangay, Alta.
Awarded $27,250

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Carmangay Community Centre
An old grocery store will be the new Carmangay Community Center.
Carmangay Map

Eaglesham and District Agricultural Society
Sun Shelter Project

Eaglesham, Alta
Awarded $24,300

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Eaglesham - RCF 2021 Winner
The Sun Shelter area is centrally located to allow visitors to watch ball games or other events while being protected from the weather.
Eaglesham, Alberta

Nampa and District Historical Society
United Community Project

Nampa, Alta.
Awarded $30,000

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Nampa, AB - RCF 2021 Winner
An old United Church will be transformed into a community centre. The church was donated to the museum for $1 in 2015.
Nampa, AB